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2 years wtf

2014-04-26 11:47:40 by nickmsantoro


i dont even use newgrounds lol

1 year on NG

2013-04-21 16:21:26 by nickmsantoro


I'm offering commissions

2013-03-27 21:09:12 by nickmsantoro

Line Art: $5.00
Solid Art: $10.00
Shaded w/ background: $12.50-$15.00 (depending on detail)

I will be able to negotiate other prices.
check out my recent art work here (I will only be posting my art there now)

I'm offering commissions

Tablet junk

2013-03-23 07:51:50 by nickmsantoro

heres a picture i drew on my tablet cuz i like using my tablet now k bye

Finally more animations and junk

2013-02-26 15:57:13 by nickmsantoro

Hey guys, shits finally coming.

So I've been as busy as a bee these past couple weeks with school and junk. I got alot of work and it really sucks, so that's why I've not posted any videos for the past millennium. I'm gonna make up all of the time for not making cartoons with some great cartoons that will come out fairly soon. I've gotten some voice actors (SwagMuffin, QuietStealth, KneeGrowPleas, etc.) to voice some of my cartoons that are coming out soon. So that's all happening, you just gotta give me time lol.

Meanwhile, I successfully got a google adsense account for my youtube and am now making money off of newgrounds cuz im a big sellout whore who only does it 4 da money lololol #Yolo #Swag #Overusedtwitterhashtag. But whatever, I'm just doing it because it's basically just a way to make some pocket money out of a hobby that I love to do.

Thanks for staying patient (sorry if I made any grammatical mistakes, I'm kind of rushing this to fill you in on stuff <3)

new animation coming out this weekend

2013-01-18 18:28:26 by nickmsantoro


MLK day is on monday so I have a day off then, so it will probably be out on monday.
here's a screenshot (the lip syncing is the best I've ever done :D , so expect that to be spot on.)

turns out file's is to big though so I will link it to you HERE


2013-01-12 19:18:18 by nickmsantoro

animo 977b113f1c15b8d70b1a

Oh Hey New Year YAH

2013-01-01 17:41:37 by nickmsantoro

So, in case anybody was wondering, I'm still making flash toons. I will be making toons full of the shit you love soon. I submitted some stuff in the art portal. I am going to put up some stuff on youtube really soon (by the time u read this it will already be out lol). Nothing really much else.

I've been collabing with spoonfull to make a ass shake booby toon. Come watch it when it comes out. It will have all your favorite animators in it.

In the mean time, go watch some hardcore lesbian PAWN.

BOOBIES, apparently?

2012-11-24 19:28:09 by nickmsantoro

I am doing a huge-ass(-boobies-etc) collaboration with spoonfull, shawspaz, speedosausage, and some other faggots. I ran out of stuff to say so, tits cunt ass fuck shit niggIMEANWHOOOOPS.

BOOBIES, apparently?

Stuff with stuff

2012-11-09 17:54:45 by nickmsantoro

I made a really cool background, but I ran out of ideas for what I could draw on it. So you guys are more than welcome to use it...

Stuff with stuff